mp4 Samples of Manager’s Walk Through Series DCPs

The following mp4 files are taken from the same sources as the DCPs available for the non-technical cinema manager, the ones used to check the cinema auditorium. The only difference is that the sub-titles are burned into these QuickTime files. In the DCPs, the sub-titles are a file that the server and projector use to create the sub-titles. Perhaps the higher compression shows bands in the greys as well, but on the big screen they look fabulous.

This first sample is derived from the site, to give a bit of interesting “other” after using the Align1 and Faces1 DCPs. Continue reading “mp4 Samples of Manager’s Walk Through Series DCPs”

What’s It Mean? Contrast…

Let’s go through a few terms that everybody uses but have specific meaning if you are going to get an idea across to the Tech Team to get a problem solved.

First, Contrast – Simply said, in the cinema, it is the range or difference between what looks like white and what looks like black on the screen. In most auditoriums, there is no real white on the screen or real black on the screen. There are many reasons for this, and it will always be. But there is a range that each room is capable of, and the equipment is in a war to try to make it stable, which it always loses. Continue reading “What’s It Mean? Contrast…”

How to: Manager’s Walk Through

The hardest thing about this Quality Assurance process is being prepared to write while in the dark. After that it is just paying attention to what is being played and – most importantly – its affect on you.

It will take 10 or 15 runs before you get comfortable, then every time after you will notice something you hadn’t seen before. Continue reading “How to: Manager’s Walk Through”

Ideas Behind The Checklist

The amazing thing about picture and sound is that no one understands it, even after thousands of years of study. It was only 110 years ago that Einstein proposed what seems to be the best working theory for light, and every year someone makes progress proving another piece of those ideas. It was a long and hard 15 year transition from film to digital projection, and now that is changing to lasers…a completely different set of ideas. Audio also has many topics that are argued about in the professional groups.

So, don’t be feeling like you’re the only one who still has confusion in the area. Those confusions are what we are going to handle, bit by bit, while watching the Manager’s Walk Through Series DCPs, and using the associated Checklist. Continue reading “Ideas Behind The Checklist”

Artistic Intent…Protecting the Dream

We would like to introduce a new product line to you.

The Manager’s Walk Through Series is a product line of DCPs and checklists that help the non-technical manager evaluate the auditoriums under their care.

We look forward to helping you help present the best possible version of the Director’s Artistic Intent on your screens – which is what I bet we all woke up thinking about, eh?

Coming soon, to theaters and drive-ins everywhere.